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Beautiful Sunset



Michel Jonasz, a renowned French singer, arrives in Vancouver to receive a music award just days before he is due to begin recording his new album. However, an air controller strike leaves him stranded with no means of transportation. With no other options available, Michel finds himself embarking on an unexpected road trip with Duane, a First Nations shoe cobbler who is deeply connected to nature and wildlife.


Duane agrees to drive Michel to Calgary Airport in his 1969 American classic car. Along the way, they encounter Rachel, a mid-thirties free spirit who dreams of becoming a singer but lacks confidence and struggles to make ends meet. Despite their differences, Michel, Duane, and Rachel set out on an epic journey of self-discovery through the majestic sceneries of British Columbia.


As they drive through the breathtaking landscapes of the Pacific Northwest, Michel finds himself confronting his own fears and anxieties about the future. He suffers from chronic back pain and neurosis about what is yet to come. His best friend is in a coma in the hospital, and Michel feels guilty for not being there for him. However, Duane's philosophical perspective and deep connection to nature help Michel to find a sense of peace and acceptance in the present moment.


Rachel, on the other hand, is a talented but struggling artist who is forced to work as a waitress in a dive bar to make ends meet. Her gigs are lackluster, and she struggles to connect with her audiences. When she joins Michel and Duane on their journey, Rachel finds a new sense of purpose and inspiration. She discovers her own voice and gains the confidence to perform in front of others.


Despite their individual struggles, the trio finds common ground and support in one another. Duane's spiritual guidance and connection to nature provide a calming presence for Michel and Rachel, allowing them to reflect on their past traumas and find hope for the future. Together, they learn to appreciate the simple pleasures of life and find joy in the present moment.


As they reach their destination, Michel, Duane, and Rachel have undergone a transformational journey of wonder and self-discovery. They have found a new sense of purpose and meaning in their lives, and their unique experiences have brought them closer together as friends. The road trip may have been unexpected, but it ultimately led them to a place of healing and acceptance. With an Open Heart will have some serious undertones, but will mostly be a lighthearted comedy with inspirational messaging, similar to the film Sideways (2004).

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character breakdown


Michel Jonasz is a renowned French musician who plays a fictionalized version of himself in the TV series inspired by Call My Agent. Despite his successful career, he suffers from chronic back pain and neurosis about the future, causing him to dwell on the past. He feels guilty about his best friend, who is currently in a coma and checks in on his condition regularly. While attending an intimate concert in Vancouver, where he is receiving an award for Best Francophone, Michel struggles to connect with nature as he is a city dweller who has been in the spotlight for decades. Adding to his woes, his assistant constantly annoys him with day-to-day operations.

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Rachel is a mid-thirties free spirit who aspires to be a singer and is seeking resolution in her life during a period of transition. Despite her talent, she lacks confidence and struggles to command the stage. Rachel is frequently broke and unable to pay her rent, causing her landlord to harass her. To make ends meet, she is forced to become a waitress at a dive bar in Vancouver. Her gigs are lackluster, with minimal audiences who show little interest. Rachel's life takes another turn for the worse when she is dumped by her boyfriend while on her way to a gig in Nelson, British Columbia. Fortunately, she is picked up on the road by Duane and Michel, which may lead to some unexpected changes in her life.


Duane, played by Gerald Auger, is a First Nations shoe cobbler who works at Le Galoche in Vancouver and lives on his boat. He also owns a 1969 American classic car. Unfortunately, he has suffered a great tragedy in his past - he lost his son, and he feels guilty about his death. Years ago, when he was still a famous painter, he asked his son to drive him to the airport so he could fly to a New York City art gallery celebrating his work. However, on his way back from dropping Duane off, his son was in a car accident and died. This event left Duane in a deep depression and he stopped painting. To survive, he became a shoe cobbler, using his leatherworking background. Unlike Michel, Duane is a man of few words, but when he does speak, it is from a philosophical perspective. He is a First Nations spiritual guide who is deeply connected to nature and wildlife in the Pacific Northwest.

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